Articles From Past Issues

Here is a small sample of some articles that have appeared in past issues of American Falconry. Some of the photos that appeared with the articles have been included, but at a reduced size. We will ad more articles on a regular basis, so check back regularly. All articles and photos are copyrighted and use elsewhere is prohibited without consent of the author.


Feature articles:

Imprint Accipiters And The Recipe by Mike McDermott

Pure Passage Gyr by Hubert Quade

Makin' Hoods by Dave Perfetti

Zorro...Of The Skies Africa's Black Sparrowhawks by Craig Golden

American Falconry's First Photo Contest by Dave Perfetti

The First Year an Apprentice Perspective by Larry Dickerson

The Year of the Mule by Harry McElroy

Art and History of Asborno Bell Making by Dave Perfetti

Finding the Right Sponsor by Jim Gwiazdzinski

Hawking Snowshoe Hares in Alaska by Don Hunley

Flying a Cast of Longwings by Steve Jones

Plight of the Urban Falconer by Alan Malnar

Should Apprentice Falconers be Allowed to Fly American Kestrels? by Matthew Mullenix & Brian A. Millsap

Hawking The West For Sage Grouse by Dave Perfetti

Hawking The West For Sage Grouse Part II by Dave Perfetti

Training Your First Longwing by Steve Jones

Make Hawk by Steve Jones



Hawkin' Humor ~ Stuff About Things by Keith Thompsen

Hawkin' Humor ~ Growing Gos' by Keith Thompsen

Hawkin' Dogs ~ Scenting and Pointing by Jack Oar

Hawkin' Dogs ~ Range by Jack Oar

Taking a Pitch A Book Review ~ The Hunting Falcon by Bruce Haak by Eric Tabb and Steve Heying

Beginners Circle ~ In Praise of Apprenticeship by Bill Oakes

Hawkin' Gear ~ Unbutton Your Bird And Fly Her Naked! by Howard Brinkerhoff

Hawkin' Gear ~ A Streamlined Hawk Box by Tom and Jennifer Coulson

Hawkin' Gear ~ The Best Harness Yet! by Craig Nicol

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