Articles From Past Issues

Here is a small sample of some articles that have appeared in past issues of American Falconry. We will ad more articles on a regular basis, so check back regularly. All articles and photos are copyrighted and use elsewhere is prohibited without consent of the author.


Feature articles:

"Wild Things" by Joe Roy III from Volume 23

"The little Falcon Who Could" by Terrence Wright from Volume 47

"This Was Their Finest Hour" by Harry McElroy from Volume 48

"Water Manning" by Steve Jones from Volume 54

"Goshawks And Grouse ~ My Final Salute" by Gary Selinger from Volume 58

"Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen" by Kent L. Christopher from Volume 27

"Coping Beaks" by Stuart Rossell from Volume 41

"Make Hawk" by Steve Jones from Volume 21



Video Review ~ Taking: The Gos Wyoming Style by Jamaica Smith & Jack Oar

Cooking Critters ~ Duck Kabobs by Steve Jones

Taking a Pitch A Book Review ~ Observations On Modern Falconry, The Taming of Genghis, Laggard, A Life With Birds, By, Ronald Stevens by Mike McDermott & Joe Roy III

Beginners Circle ~ Rookie Mistakes by Bill Oakes

Hawkin' Gear ~ The Art of Disguise by Paul Hofsommer


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