Index of "humor" articles

 The Sickness...Comic Relief  Darryl A. Perkins  Vol. 1  57-61
 The Greatest Bird Dog of All Times  Darryl Perkins  Vol. 7  32-34
 Jackalope its Very Best  Dave Moran  Vol. 10  36-42
 Accidental Ambassador  Shayne Clarke  Vol. 11  24-28
 Observations & Confessions  James Gwiazinski  Vol. 16  52-57
 Out of the Closet  Tom Lowe  Vol. 17  22-23
 Jackalope Redux: The Hybrids are Here!  Dave Moran  Vol. 18  48-51
My Life as a Falconer's Wife Lisa Cherry  Vol. 22 4-11
Chicken its Very Best Dave Moran  Vol. 25 22-27
I Once Had a Pigeon Named Fred Steve Layman  Vol. 28 46-48
It’s Everywhere! It’s Everywhere! Danny Pickens  Vol. 29 16-21
The Sickness Brad Townsend Vol. 30 4-12
Gloves and Roses Shayne Clarke Vol. 37 26-32
A Falconer’s Wife Ann Kienholz Jurcevich Vol. 56 44-46
Peter Rabbit and What Really Went On Carmel Roeck Vol. 65 42-47
Huntin’ Camp Marshall Nych Vol. 72 38-43
The Tunnel Craig Golden Vol. 83 28-33

Also, see "Hawkin' Humor" by Keith Thompsen on the last page of every issue.

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